• Healthy Feet Healthy Life
    Orthopedic insoles Module System
  • Healthy Feet Healthy Life
    Orthopedic insoles Module System

Soft Step What?


The aim is precisely different from all other kinds of production, and it was easy to develop a system to be a private individual. In particular, statements disease and was taking into account the dynamic information of the individual patient.

assistant thanks to the ease of use of computers and smart phones (inexperienced staff) can perform about 90% of analyzes after extensive training with ormosys®.
ormosys® to facilitate daily life, developed for a comfortable and healthy feet.


Orthopedic insoles Modular System

5 steps to upgrade your business potential and the complete lack of experience. Revolutionized the market with us in the soles .




Sık Sorulan Sorular

Soft Step ile ilgili merak edilen soruları ve cevapları buradan bulabilirsiniz.


Ayakkabı keçesini çıkarttığımız ve ayakkabı şekline göre işlendiği için numara değişmez.
After completion of a change gerekir.geliş the age 6 months until the end of the development period it is used until it is deformed.
Materials used consisting of a high quality and reliable as materials. Quick is not deformed.
Especially metatarsalgia pain in the soles and heel decreases almost for granted is to azalca time in the insoles for deformed feet.
insoles for pes planovalgus and pes planus diagnosed with feet to put the figure anotamik foot with this deformity düzeltmez.fakat these insoles, to develop in a normal way of existing muscle under the thumb of the body burden of making the 4 and 5 fingers under the heel anatomical load distribution is provided, as well as the flat base to prevent the increase in the ankle, knee, hip joints will recover in the extreme unbalanced load
The most important difference between static (standing) and dynamic (walking) most appropriate to compare with the insole of the uncovered load distribution walk scientific data, comprising the aesthetic and durable materials.
* Pes planus: flat soles (flat arc)
* Pes planovalgus: Straight insoles along with a return to the outside of the heel
* Pes cavus: High base (high arc)
* Hallux valgus: the thumb of the right to return to Magadan 2.par
* Heel: The heel bone spurs under (Barb)
* Diabetes: Diabetes (sugar)
* Hammer toe: the retraction of the finger tips
* Metatarsalgia: pain under the pressure of more finger bones.
by application applied according to the desires of each shoe insoles are willing ist.


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