01 Our company was established in order to serve to orthopedics and physiotherapy centers in 1995, starting in November 1996 ABC SPORTS HEALTH MEDICAL SUPPLIES. It began to continue its operations under the name.
Our company began working with neoprene bandage importation continues as manufacturers and importers from 1998. Production of the first neoprene products in 1998 and later corsets etc. the bands etmiştir.1999 orthopedic neck pillows and bedding products to our portfolio girmiştir.2000 in the production of silicone products was carried out for the first time.
at the beginning of silicone products silicone insoles, silicone heel have produced a variety of special rollers for fabric coated silicon products after foot health.
Our company in 2015 due to the novelty of the technology has been brought because of discomfort can be identified as a specific person and the person has started to produce special Insole.


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